Chocolate The Sweet Entities That Will Give You Energy And Liked By Everyone Around The World

The origin of Chocolate was first discovered nearly 4000 years ago in Mesoamerica, the exact location is not known in America, but from archaeological evidence found in ceramics with a residue of cocoa drinks at archaeological sites Mokaya and Olmec civilizations along the Orinoco river. The Maya adopted the word "cacao" from the Olmec tribe. It appears that the Maya also cultivate cacao trees. Cocoa trees are taken from the rainforest and planted on their home page and crushed cocoa beans into a paste. The first Chocolate house opened in London. The high price of cocoa limits access only to the most affluent. But after the price drop, this type of business is growing rapidly and even replaces cafes, tearooms and pubs. The first Chocolate was still only drunk throughout Europe, expert pastry England had the idea to add in the cocoa cake mix them. If you want to take chocolate for health benefits, then select unsweetened cocoa powder that can be presented on low-fat milk, oatmeal, or other foods and beverages you consume.

The main content of Chocolate is cocoa. Substances in cocoa flavanol antioxidant effects which can reduce cell damage that influence health risks such as heart disease. Flavanol content of Chocolate milk is less than dark chocolate (dark chocolate). Many chocolates in packaging that is marketed today added a lot of additional material, resulting in an increase in fat, sugar, and calories. It will lead to increased weight gain that leads to a variety of disease risk. Basically cocoa in chocolate contains a substance that is low in sugar and fat. Meanwhile, the insoluble fiber which is owned cocoa comes mostly from the epidermis of unprocessed cocoa beans. Chocolate can indeed bring benefits for the body, but before buying, pay attention to the label on the packaging of the product you choose. You should avoid products with a lot of additives and sweeteners excessive.

Tom Yam Goong Spicy Sour Soup You From Thailand That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Tom Yam Goong Recipe Spicy Original Genuine Super Delicious, Tom Yam Goong native or original Thailand or the Thai Tom Yam Goong actually is even there his films. Now comes the prescription combination mixed with various creations processed has many variants or variations of recipes NCC, ola-ola like soup tom yam seafood, meatballs, shrimp, mushrooms, vegetables, laksa, sausage, Tom Yam Goong, tofu, tofu, chicken, beef, fish, fish head, squid, kung soup, anything can be mixed and matched eaten origin steady.

The taste of Tom Yam Goong is so tempting to make a lot of people loved; the food is also now widely spread in various locations in the world, as well as in Thailand. In the form of soup, Tom Yam Goong is very suitable you to enjoy when the weather is cold, such as when it rains or also at night. There are so many types and variations of tom yam are that you can make a selection of your dinner menu.

Snack Dish That Become Favorite Of All Ages The Ice Cream Icy But Full Of Delicacy

Who would not like the Ice Cream (Ice cream)? Starting from children and even adults will love. In the past, making ice cream is a very troublesome thing. To make ice cream, Ice obtained from a frozen lake or pond in the winter, then cut and stored in a haystack, a hole in the ground, or the place where ice is made of wood and were given straw. The ice is stored for later use during the summer.

During summer, the ice cream was then made traditionally by processing the dough in the bowl which is placed inside a tube filled with a mixture of ice that had been destroyed and salt, which makes dough ice cream was frozen. The history tells that ice cream already known since antiquity when ruled by the Roman Emperor Nero. In America, the new ice cream popular in the 19th century, concurrently with the invention of the ice cream maker. The term ice cream comes from the American colonists, coming from the phase ice cream.



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